Live Managed Disaster Recovery

  • Instant access to live backup of ERP System
  • Secure, ultra efficient online backup system
  • Fully monitored and managed off-site service
  • Instant recovery to any backup from the last week
  • Full & Instant access to a live backup of your vital business applications. Find out more about the key benefits of our Disaster Recovery Solution.

    Streamline your UNIX applications – Printing to PDF, E-Mail or Fax

    Direct driverless PDF printing enables fast and efficient printing directly from UNIX without the need to open the documents on a PC. Ideal for large batch prints of statements and invoices. Integrated Fax and E-mail functionality is ideal for quickly sending documents directly to customers and suppliers.Read more...

    LMDR Virtualisation

    Our Live Managed Disaster Recovery uses the latest IntelĀ® processor-based servers providing leading performance along with proven reliability.